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How To Use: Mix with prepared food after serving in bowl

Instant Fruit Drink Mix - Natural Orange Powder, 50% Less Sugar, With 8 Vitamins & Minerals

Instant Fruit Drink Mix - Natural Orange Powder, 50% Less Sugar, With 8 Vitamins & Minerals

Instant Fruit Drink Mix - Natural Orange Powder, 50% Less Sugar, With 8 Vitamins & Minerals

For Kids & Family | 3+ years old
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gut healthHydration

Supports ImmunityEnergy

Unlock EnergyImmunity

Mental DevelopmentVit A, B6, B12, C, D, Iron & Zinc

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  • 50% Less Sugar
  • Natural Colours
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • No Added Preservatives
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten Free
  • Zero Fat
  • Caffeine Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Venkata Pavan Kumar
Best energy drink

Very yummy taste with energy booster drink

Shailesh Singh Rathore


Satyam agrawal

It taste like juice

Aadeep Singh
Healthy and Delicious

Finally a drink for the summer that I can have guilt free. Less sugar plus great taste 🤤

Rajib kumar Singha

Very good product


Tasty drink! It has 50% less sugar and real fruit powder with vitamins and minerals. I recommend it to my patients for hydration for summer and after sports.


A delicious and nutritious beverage with a pleasant mixed berry flavor , pineapple & orange that keeps my kid hydrated while she plays out.


Another great product from this company, good nutrition mix, healthy bars !


Loved the refreshingly yummy Mixed Berries and Orange Flavour. Definitely my go to drink this summer.


Yummy and refreshing drink! I love that it has added vitamin and minerals and less sugar

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Good Monk™ fruit drink mix is natural fruit powder with 8 essential vitamins and minerals, with 50% less sugar (than popular instant fruit drink mixes). It comes in 3 different flavours – Orange, Pineapple & Mixed Berries.

Because of scorching heat in summers, our kids & families get dehydrated & low on energy. Problem with popular summer drinks (Aerated Beverages, Instant Drink Mixes, Energy Drinks, Squash) is that they have more than 90% sugar & have artificial colours & preservatives & almost no nutritive value. Instead of all these Rethink Your Summer Drink with the Goodest Fruit Drink Mix.

It makes you feel Hydrated, Energized and helps improve Immunity. Our Fruit Drink Mix will help you regain essential nutrients when you feel low on energy.

It’s delicious to taste and easy on the stomach to ensure you have the energy that keeps you active throughout the day. It has 50% less Sugar, Contains Natural Fruit Powder and has added 8 essential Vitamins & Minerals.

It’s very easy – Pour 1 sachet in a 200ml glass of water, mix for 30 seconds – Natural Fruit Powder takes a bit time longer to dissolve, Enjoy your chilled refreshing fruit drink.

Erythritol is a zero calorie natural sweetener made from natural sources like cornstarch through a fermentation process. It is vegan, vegetarian and approved by FSSAI & USFDA for safe consumption by children & adults.