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How To Use: Mix with prepared food after serving in bowl

Family Nutrition Mix (Add to Food): Improves Gut Health, Daily Energy & Immunity

Family Nutrition Mix (Add to Food): Improves Gut Health, Daily Energy & Immunity

Family Nutrition Mix (Add to Food): Improves Gut Health, Daily Energy & Immunity

For Age 4-50 years

India's 1st Nutrition Mix with No Taste, Colour or Smell, when added to food. Super Easy to use.

Has Clinically Proven Probiotics & Fiber, 8 Vitamins & Minerals (Including Vit B12, C, D, Iron & Zinc), Lysine (Protein Building Block), Ashwagandha & Brahmi.

No Added White Sugar, No Artificial Preservatives & Low Calorie.

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gut healthImproves Gut Health

Supports ImmunitySupports Immunity

Unlock EnergyUnlocks Energy

Mental DevelopmentAids Mental Development

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Clinical Test shows Significant Improvement

Trusted by India’s best Nutritionists

Nutrition Gap leads to Many Health Issues

  • No added sugar
  • No added salt
  • No added preservatives
  • No fat

Clinically Proven & Highly Bio-available Ingredients

Good Monk is Superior vs all Supplement options


Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews

This is my 2nd time purchase. My kids and i have this everyday and i felt more energetic during the day and my face has cleared of acne. My son has a lot of anger all over his face. After using this his face has cleared. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family

Jancy Vincent
Must use

Within a week I started feeling better. I used to feel so tired and lethargic. I also had insomnia issues. Since last couple of days am able to sleep well and when I wake up I don't have to drag myself out of the bed. It is truly a wonderful product

Rahul Kothari
Good Monk - All Good

Nice & effective product

Krishna Gupta
Improvement in Digestion, Sleep & Energy Levels

Been using for almost a month now can see visible difference in digestion, sleep and energy levels

Fabulous product

Good Monk nutrition mix is a fabulous product. I have got great benefit to my gut health & energy.
It’s so easy to use, I just mix it with my lunch on most days. Highly recommend for family - helps in covering for nutrients gap.

Healthy Nutrition Mix for Immunity Boosting

It was really awesome. It was really useful for adults and kids so many health supplements in this product. I have purchased and I have tried this product for, the first time it's good for our health and daily life. I started using it with food. It really helps for enhancing the immunity system. It has all the daily essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help me in fighting infection, and reduce stress. we can mix it with food. The best part of it is doesn't change the colour or taste of the food. Sachets are very handy and can easily be used for outside food too. Value for money and quality product and go for buying it. Its one of the best Nutrition mix for the Nowadays.

Perfect concept for kids and adults

This is strongly recommended for mothers who cannot get their kids to eat healthy. This can also be mixed in any food/milk and best part? Your kid will never know as this does not have any Color/odor/taste. I’ll also strongly recommend this for adults who cannot get all micronutrients lately through the busy lifestyle. Blown away by the concept.

Ruppal arora
Dissolve in food .

Its very healthy product to give kids ..who dont like to eat direct nutrients things adding it in food colour never change daughters dont know that they eat this healthy item in their normal food...

Trisha Aditya
Healthy and delicious

so nice nutrition mix for the whole family. We can mix with food . The best part is it does not change the color or Taste of the food . I like the idea that it has to be sprinkled n mixed in food . For Kids it is best ensuring complete nutrition. Multivitamins, Ashwagandha, brahmi , lysine - all these in 1 sachet it has no preservatives or added sugar . And very easy to use

Nice nutrition product

I called for the product for the first time and showed it to my family’s dietician and she loved it! She approves of the combinations and the quantities mentioned. We proceeded to add the Good Monk health powder in the lunch and again the dinner preps! Our kids did not get to know and lapped up all the food! I am now ordering my second pack! We definitely recommend this product!

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Every gut is different and every question is special. Solve your queries with us

Good Monk is a scientifically designed, product with power of 13 chosen Nutri-herbs to help plug the gap of your family's daily nutrition. It has a unique no colour, no odour and no taste feature & comes in an easy to carry small sachet, hence can be smuggled easily to your daily foods and beverages. Bridge your nutrition gap with GOOD MONK!

More than 80% of the Indian population is suffering from micronutrient deficiency or MiND. Globally, more than 2 billion people suffer from this, with nearly half of them living in India. Kids and adolescents which are the foundation of the economy, have been reported to have 6 major micronutrient deficiencies- Iron, Vit A, Vit D, Vit B12, zinc and folate All these are essential micronutrients whose deficiency may lead to less height for age, less weight for height, weaker immunity, and sub-optimal mental development. Wrong eating habits and lifestyle-related factors have contributed to this situation which needs an immediate Nutrition fix!

GOOD MONK has the power of 13 Nutri-herbs which are known to support Happy gut, Immunity Unlocks Energy & Improves brain development

It can be mixed with foods like Dal, sambhar, sabzis (dry or gravy), noodles, tomato soup, milk, and curd and your daily foods can still be enjoyed with the same colour, odour, and taste as before mixing!

It may not be mixed with tea and coffee. Also, it is safe to mix Good Monk into other foods and beverages like Water, juices, rice, however, it may show some color/odour or taste difference.

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