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How To Use: Mix with prepared food after serving in bowl

Healthy 50+ Nutrition Mix for Seniors (Add to Food) - Improves Gut Health, Immunity, Bone Health & Mental Function

Healthy 50+ Nutrition Mix for Seniors (Add to Food) - Improves Gut Health, Immunity, Bone Health & Mental Function

Healthy 50+ Nutrition Mix for Seniors (Add to Food) - Improves Gut Health, Immunity, Bone Health & Mental Function

India's 1st Nutrition Mix with No Taste, Colour or Smell, when added to food. Super Easy to use.

This nutrition mix for older adults is a pre and probiotic dietary supplement that can be added to any home-cooked food. This gut health supplement has clinically proven Probiotics & Fiber, 15 Vitamins & Minerals (Including Vit B12, C, D, Iron & Zinc), Lysine (Protein Building Block), Ashwagandha & Brahmi.

No Added White Sugar, No Artificial Preservatives & Low Calorie.

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gut healthImproves Gut Health

Supports ImmunitySupports Immunity

Unlock EnergyHealthier Bones

Mental DevelopmentSupports Mental Function

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Trusted by 1000s of Users
Trusted by India’s best Nutritionists
Nutrition Gap leads to Many Health Issues
  • No added sugar
  • No added salt
  • No added preservatives
  • No fat
Clinically Proven & Highly Bio-available Ingredients
Good Monk is Superior vs all Supplement options
Why it Works ?

Scientifically designed for People above 50+ age group.

Designed keeping nutrients that are great for senior adults (Study based on Indian population Diet surveys)

Clinically proven ingredients

Unique Probiotic-Bacillus Coagulans which is heat stable & survives the acidic environment of the stomach. Proven for better digestive balance

Unique 20 Nutri-Herbs combination

A unique combination of probiotics, essential vitamins, minerals, lysine, & herbs provides multiple health benefits

160+ Quality checks

All ingredients go through 160+ quality checks to ensure they are both safe & effective

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Devjibhai M Vadhel
Good Monk 50+

I like the item and I found that my guts works properly. I am happy. I dont know whether the other conditions will work as per your specifications.

Sanjay Patwa

Good one

Energy Booster for my Mom

I can proudly say that good monk has literally changed the life of my mom in a good way, now she is more energetic and more immune than earlier....Thanks Goodmonk

Duseja C N

its a welcome supplement for my age of 59 yrs.

Great product

Healthy50+ is a great product as it is rich in antioxidants, vitamin D and K, so it helps with immunity and bone health.

Amazing Concept and Product

Loved the concept of mixing it with food. No need to take multiple pills and supplements. I bought it for my father and he has started seeing early benefits like improved Gut health and energy levels.

Gayathri Sirisha
Great Product!

The best thing about this product is that it doesn't have any taste and I can just add it to food. I saw a difference in my energy levels. I don't get tired even after climbing stairs.

Great Product

Yes, its really a nice and healthy product. I feel very energetic after start using it.

Good Monk Healthy 50+ worked great for me!

I feel so much better since this has helped me with my constipation issue. I feel better and more energetic!

Transforming Gut Health: A Gift to My Mother's Well-being

I am thrilled to share my experience with Good Monk 50+. After purchasing it for my mother, I've witnessed a remarkable improvement in her overall well-being, specifically in terms of gut health. The benefits she's gained have been truly impressive. This purchase has not only brought about positive changes but has also provided my mother with the gift of good gut health. it's wonderful to see her thriving. Highly recommended!

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Every gut is different and every question is special. Solve your queries with us

Good Monk is a scientifically designed, product with the power of 20 chosen Nutri-Herbs to help plug the nutrition gap. It has a unique no colour, no smell and no taste feature & comes in an easy-to-carry small sachet. It helps improve Gut Health, Energy levels, Bone Health and Mental function, and many other benefits. Bridge your nutrition gap with GOOD MONK!

More than 80% of the Indian population is suffering from micronutrient deficiency or MiND. Globally, more than 2 billion people suffer from this, with nearly half of them living in India. Kids and adolescents which are the foundation of the economy, have been reported to have 6 major micronutrient deficiencies- Iron, Vit A, Vit D, Vit B12, zinc and folate All these are essential micronutrients whose deficiency may lead to weak gut and digestion, weak bones, weaker immunity, and sub-optimal mental development. Wrong eating habits and lifestyle-related factors have contributed to this situation which needs an immediate Nutrition fix! Elders need a carefully chosen mix of nutrients specific to their health needs. That’s what we have come up with!

GOOD MONK has the power of 20 Nutri-herbs which are known to support a Healthier Gut, Stronger Bones, Mental Function and improved immunity.

It can be mixed with foods like Dal/Sambhar, Curries, Cooked Veg, Soup, Milk and Curd and your daily foods can still be enjoyed with the same taste, colour and smell as before mixing!

It may not be mixed with tea and coffee. Also, it is safe to mix Good Monk into other foods and beverages like Water, juices, and rice, however, it may show some colour/smell or taste difference.

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